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StomachSculpture2 Nina&Blender ExtraEar-Portrait Ampl Body Laser Eyes

October 25, 2009, 2.30-5.30 pm

GAM, v.le Milano 21 Gallarate (VA)

Free particpation with reservation (GAM 0331 791266, AIEP 02 3450996,

Stelarc introduces the visions that have generated his cyber-sculptures. From Movatar (the virtual avatar imbued with genetic algorithms able to move its physical surrogate), to the body prosthesis (Third Hand, Prosthetic Head and Ear on Arm), to the Exoskeleton and other walking robots interactively coupled to the human body. In an age of body hacking, neural implants and prosthetic augmentation there is a circulation of flesh. Organs are extracted and exchanged. Limbs amputated can be reanimated on living bodies. The donor face stitched to the recipient’s skull becomes a third face. Plastinated cadavers can be preserved forever whilst comatose bodies can be sustained indefinitely on a technological life-support system. Chimeras are engineered in-vitro, whilst cryogenically preserved bodies await reanimation at some imagined future. The dead, the un-dead and the yet to be born exist simultaneously.

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