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Category: 2010, ARTISTS by • Oct 13th, 2010

Giorgio Partesana & Pinhas Duncan


Geo - Fly Tour

Giorgio Partesana

Artist and designer, his activities are in between research, production and teaching. His personal work, presented in many festivals, takes the form of interactive installations, live media and audiovisual objects. He collaborates with artists, art schools, theater companies and communication agencies, to the design and development of projects concerning interactivity and audiovisual communication. His academic path counts two MFA: Interactive Arts (at ENSAD, Paris) and Interaction Design (at Domus Academy, Milan). He match is practice with a teaching activity on Interactive Media Design (Le Fresnoy, Arts Plastiques Faculty at Univ. Paris VIII, Ars Longa). He now works at the New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan.

Duncan Pinhas

Since 2005, he works at personal creations, performances, collaborations and audiovisual projects developing soundscapes near the end of the world.

He has shared the stage in Paris and Europe with artists floating around noise, folk, psychedelic rock and improvisation (Black Dice, Litchens, Steve Gunn, John Duncan, Matt Valentine,…) His concerts are focused on the guitar, voice and rhythm and adjustments in real time. Each concert is different and focused on mixed instruments (electric, acoustic, informatic, …) For his father, Richard, and his album with Merzbow, he created mixes released on Cuneiform Records in 2008. Since 2008, he studied electro-acoustic composition at the Conservatory of Pantin with Christine Groult, where he creates works in between natural and industrial materials: “Courant de fer en forêt”, “Percussions de pluie / Traverses de turbines”.



LIVECROSSMEDIA - Mercato coperto ex padiglione grossisti, via Mentana 7 – Como / Oct 1st, 2010

Geo, Opus II – Solid Matters“  – Audiovisual Concerts by Giorgio Partesana and Duncan Pinhas

The intent of Geo is the audio-visualisation of new hybrid landscapes. The concerts are drafted as an exploration of new territories created with matters recorded in specific environments. Time-based manipulation and amplification of these materials evokes a physical sensations allowing abstract geometries to acquire a meaning. The destination of the journey is an imaginary land where natural and artificial geometries, symbols of our habitats merge into hybrid patterns.

The project, will to stimulate a reflection about the environment that we inhabit, alternating lulling to uncomfortable moments.

Geo, Opus II – Solid Matters [Stills]

This, most recent, second opus focuses on solid matters such as stone and concrete, on which cutting and arranging movements are opposed to aging and breaking.

Here is the Full Length Demo.

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