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Grey Filastine

May, 5th – Livecrossmedia event h.22.30 | Padiglione Conza


Musician/producer based in Barcelona but rarely found there. In any context it gets riotous- Filastine bangs out his music, jumping between a tangle of live electronics, acoustic percussion, and an amplified shopping cart, firing off riddims and synchronized video. In 2006 Filastine released Burn It on DJ Rupture’s boutique imprint Soot Records to much critical acclaim. In 1999 he founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a 20-piece marching band that was the soundtrack of the globalization protests that opened this century, starting with the blockade of the Seattle WTO summit. The Infernal Noise Brigade was purpose-built to bring music to political movements in the street. Filastine is a project to do the reverse, pumping the immediacy of the street through sound systems. This February Filastine drops Dirty Bomb, a gritty transnational soundclash of urban rhythm, on Jarring Effects in Europe, and simultaneously with three other labels worldwide. He will spend 2009 touring along his DIY trade routes. Expect to find him everywhere.

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