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Per Festival TEC ART ECO 02 CREAZIONI presenta:

La performance PLAY MOBILE con il collettivo Why Off al teatro Il Foce giovedì 5 maggio h.20.30

La performance LANDSCAPE TOWN con il collettivo Why Off alla sezione Openlabs del padiglione Conza sabato 7 maggio h.18.30


Born in Turin on the 6th of June 1976. He completed a degree in Architecture at the Turin Polytechnic and received a diploma for the course “Designing the exhibition” at the Domus Academy. He lives and works in Turin.

His is a work of research into multi-modality, sensory experiences.

Prizes and Distinctions

2006 “Komet”, Stockhausen Music Foundation, Kurten, Cologne; Germany

2005 “Premio Odisseo” Chamber of Commerce, Turin

2003 “Premio libero Ferretti”, Ancona University Rectorate, Ancona

1998 “Arte Giovane”, Arte e Arti, Fine arts promotions centre, Bussoleno (Turin)

1997 “Io Espongo”, Azimut Modena 55 Contemporary Art, Turin

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