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Accademia di Musica di Malmö



al festival TEC ART ECO 02 CREAZIONI con inArs e Surgery

GruppoGruppo is a new research group between Italy and Sweden, the core of which is constituted by Alessandro Perini and Fabio Monni, Italian artists and musicians.

Its aim is to produce artworks and performances in the field of multimedia art and contemporary music, both instrumental and electronic, with a professional approach.

The first public event in which gruppoGruppo will take part is the Tec Art Eco festival in Lugano, with the participation of Anders Wall. The group is working to a new audiovisual installation to be premiered in Utrecht and exhibited in Denmark and Sweden.


Born in 1976 in Sardinia (Italy), Fabio Monni studied at the “G.P. da Palestrina” Conservatory in Cagliari, where he graduated in Piano, Organ and Composition. He won the First Prize in the international competition “Sardegna Internazionale per la Composizione” (2002).

During the period 2008/2011 he was awarded two scholarships from the Swedish Institute and the Master and Back program (Italy).

Several of his works have been played in festivals such as “Spazio Musica” (Italy), “C-Y” (Sweden), “Music and Art Around” (Denmark – Sweden) and “Connect festival” (Sweden). He collaborated with performers among which the Arditti string quartet, the New European Ensemble and Jönköping Sinfonietta

The audiovisual installation “Mouvement” was premiered in May 2010 for the opening of the Inter Arts Center (Malmö – Sweden).

A new audiovisual installation and a audio-video projection with a dance performance were recently premiered at “Interference” festival in Malmö.

Alessandro Perini was born in 1983 in Italy. He studied Composition, Electronic Music and Science of Musical Communication in Italy and Sweden.

As a media artist he founded in 2004 Gruppo Làbun, an award-winning trio interested in research in the field of contemporary art, multimedia and interaction. Installations and performances by Gruppo Làbun have been shown in Italy and abroad, and have been awarded prizes at Mantova Musica Festival (2005), Biennale of Young Artists (Imperia 2006), Digital Art Awards (Tokyo, 2006) and GTC Pisa (Italy, 2009).

His piece “Lùmina”, for five instruments, reached the finals at the International Composition Competition “…a Camillo Togni” (Brescia, 2006) and was broadcasted by the Italian Radio (RAI – Radio3). He won the third prize at the composition competition “Oliviero Fusi” (Bulciago, Italy 2009). “Exploración de la biblioteca de Babel” for 15 strings has been performed at the Biennale di Venezia 2010 (Italy) by Resonanz Ensemble, conducted by Beat Furrer.

His videos and installations have been exhibited or screened in festivals worldwide, broadcasted by Al Gore’s Current TV and awarded at MagmArt (Naples), Premio Arte Novara and Arrivano i Corti (Montelanico).

Anders Wall, born 1974, is a multi-instrumentalist and film music composer from Skurup, Sweden, with a newly built recording studio in his back yard.

Since 1994 Anders has worked as a sound engineer, producer and composer.

In 2002 he released his very first full-length-album; Hands.

2010 Anders was the very first to receive a masters in film music composition at the Musikhögskolan in Malmö, where he studied for teachers such as Hans Gefors, Staffan Storm and Kent Olofsson.

Anders teaches at the University in Lund and is a frequent lecturer on film music and recording techniques.

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