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Category: Festival 03 performazioni, FESTIVALS by • Aug 24th, 2011

A Night with King Tongue and Youshua Okon

Saturday 24 September

h. 12.00 -24.00

Performance A Night

King Tongue and Yoshua Okon

King Tongue project is a music / art collaboration founded in 2001 by Bruno Cover, Gino Lucente and Michele Robecchi. Hardly comparable with other music, King Tongue have over the years developed a discourse influenced by veins of punk, blues and post-rock, with large openings to the visual arts.

The King Tongue have so far released two albums (‘This Is the Sound’, 2002 and ‘Press Two for Spanish’, 2007), and have performed regularly throughout Europe, with concerts in Milan, Berlin, London, Paris and Geneva.

King Tongue is a band continually changing as different artists are invited to interact in their delivery, treating the band as a hypothetical exhibition space.

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