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Leo Hickman is a journalist, author and broadcaster. His first book How To Buy… was published in 2002, and in 2003, Leo, joined by his wife Jane and their baby daughter Esme, embarked on a year-long experiment to live as “ethically” as possible. Over the 12 months, they sought to see how easy it was to live without a car until he discovered how to get out of a car lease, refuse to fly, grow their own food, wash nappies, volunteer, manage a wormery and a range of other testing challenges all within the confines of their terraced house in south London.

The experience later led to two bestselling books, A Life Stripped Bare : My Year Trying to Live Ethically and A Good Life: The Guide to Ethical Living. Leo’s next book, The Final Call: In Search of the True Cost of Our Holidays was published by Transworld in 2008 and his most recent work, a children’s book called Will Jellyfish Rule the World?: A Book About Climate Change has just been published by Puffin.

He has also appeared on a number of leading television and radio shows and has made many public appearances, including The Hay Festival and The Edinburgh Book Festival. He is an undisputed leading authority on all things ethical and green in the UK.


Leo Hickman attended the conference TEC ART ECO Monologues / October 1, 2010 with the lecture: “How green is our culture?”
And partecipates at the meeting RE-CULTURE  / October 2, 2010

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