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Marlon Barrios Solano a Venezuelan independent dance/new media artist, teacher and researcher, based in USA since 1994 (New York City and Columbus,Ohio). He holds an MFA in Dance and Technology (Independent track: Dance improvisation, real-time multimedia and cognition) from The Ohio State University.

Since 2001, with dancer collaborator Kristin Hapke, he directs, performs, researches and designs improvisational performances and within digital real-time environments under the art/research project Unstablelandscape. Recently, he collaborated with the programmer and sound designer Patrick Delges (Belgium) on the development of interactive systems for improvisational dance and with the choreographer Bebe Miller (USA) on the real-time video design of her new work on DCDC Dayton Contemporary Dance Company (premiered in February 2005). He has been an artist in residence at The Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design, The Ohio State University, at STEIM (The Netherlands), and Swarthmore College (USA); participated in festivals and lectured internationally on improvisation, interactive media and perspectives on embodiment in Venezuela, Austria, Scotland, Great Britain, Poland, Estonia, Finland, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Greece and the USA. As a professional dancer in USA, he performed with New York choreographers Susan Marshal, Lynn Shapiro, Merian Soto, Dean Moos, Bill Young, among others, and with the musicians John Zorn, Philip Glass and Eric Friedlander.

He is the creator and producer of (this social networking site), dance-techTV and of the dance-tech@ (interviews and documentaries). is a social networking website connecting people concerned about the techne or the CRAFT of dance in our contemporary world, its embedded condition in technologically designed and mediated environments and of course its trainings, its stories and histories.

Using the most advanced social software platforms and internet rich multimedia applications, provides movement and new media artists, theorist, thinkers and technologists the possibility of sharing work, ideas and research, generating opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

It explores innovation, creative processes, collaborations and the impact of new media technology and interdisciplinary approaches on the performance of movement and life.



Marlon has participated as the official vlogger, documenting and promoting the festival circuit with the international traveling show NODES@ EMBEDDED BLOGGERS

He participated in the conference TEC ART ECO Monologues / October 1, 2010 with the lecture: “Shared Movements: Embodied Knowledge in Distributed Digital and Social Networks”

and in RE-CULTURE meeting / October 2, 2010

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