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Interaction Design Workshops SUPSI – May/June 2011

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Laboratory of visual culture and Interaction Design Lab SUPSI – University of Applied Arts and Sciences of Southern Switzerland – are glad to announce the 2011 edition of Interaction Design workshops. The workshops are organized within the activities of the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design, the new MAS program offered by SUPSI, starting next September 2011.


5-6-7-8 May 2011

Processing digital environments / Andreas Gysin /

Generative and interactive design

The evolution of digital technologies is providing artists and designers with many possibilities to create interactive environments featuring creative contents: software for generative graphics, animation algorithms and several kinds of responsive technologies allow to develop worlds inhabited by fictitious living entities able to interact with each other or the users. The workshop proposes the implementation of a digital environment featuring widgets-creatures developed by participants through the software Processing.


2-3-4-5 June 2011

Designing responsive objects and environments / Massimo Banzi /

Physical computing

How to design objects and spaces that respond to inputs from the physical world? How to connect real environments with digital information by using interactive technologies? The workshop Designing responsive objects and spaces is dedicated to the design and prototyping, through the Arduino platform, of systems that sense, interpret and react to the real world by providing the user with information or visual, tangible and metaphorical experiences.

23-24-25-26 June 2011

Mixed media installations / Paolo Solcia /

Interactive design

The most interesting opportunities offered by the application of new interactive technologies to art and design is to merge different languages, to manage several media – sounds, images, videos, lights, colors – and to create one composite thought by combining digital materials and real environments in real time. The workshop aims at providing fundamental concepts and tools to design and implement interactive mixed media installations by using Max/MSP – Jitter.

Info The participation is open to all concerned people regardless their educational background (visual arts, design, information technologies, engineering).

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance, recognizing two ECTS. The credits can be transferred to the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design.



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