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Fabio Battistetti

Fabio Battistetti

musician and sound artist

Eniac - Fabio Battistetti

Fabio Battistetti is an italian musician and sound artist who works with electronic sound and has directed and has taken part in a variety of productions, live shows and multidisciplinary performances. He’s known with the moniker of ENIAC. The project was founded in 1998 and during the years evolved into a complex structure that makes its own space center and foundation for the creation and development of an electronic sound that is echo of the real.

He deals with sound design and performance project like B-Light Project (2007) and Into The Wood (2010).

Web :   

for the performance INTO THE WOOD he works with

Andrea Ferraris (1974) he’s a self-taught musician coming from a hardcore/experimental background, he started recording and touring Europe during the nineties with bands like Burning Defeat and Onefineday. While evolving his listenings and his technique he started playing with musicians hailing from an heterogeneous background be it rock, electronics, etc. With the passing of years he starts follows his attitude for experimental music, using more and more effects/instruments and different techniques and involving “cheap electronics” and/or laptop in the process.

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