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Category: Festival 03 performazioni, SHOWS/PUBLIC EVENTS by • Aug 3rd, 2011

Spider Galaxies

Saturday 01 October 2011

h. 21

Teatro Condominio – Gallarate

PERFORMANCE Spider Galaxies

Chorégraphie Gilles Jobin
Direction musicale Cristian Vogel
Danse Susana Panadés Dìaz, Isabelle Rigat, Louis-Clément da Costa, Martin Roehrich
Musique Carla Scaletti et Cristian Vogel
Lumière Daniel Demont
Costumes Karine Vintache
Accessoires Philippe De Rahm
Assistante chorégraphique Margaux Monetti
Assitants logiciel Kyma Daniel Howe, Ricard Marxer
Production Cie Gilles Jobin – Genève
Administration Mélanie Rouquier
Chargé de diffusion Pedro Jiménez Morrás
Responsable technique Marie Predour
Comptabilité Yves Bachelier

SG Gregory Batardon-8482

In this new piece, Gilles Jobin focuses mainly on movement without any narrative structure,

opening thus new territories of the mind. This very precise writing favors sensation rater than


On stage, the bodies unwind their movements up to their point of exhaustion.Steps are alternately

quick and short, or extremely slow, and always flowing. We don’t know where they are leading us,

but their attraction is compelling. Accompanied by 4 iconographer dancers, he conceives elaborate

generators of figurative abstraction, while Cristian Vogel and Carla Scaletti invoke the particles and

Daniel Demont disperses the spectrum. Protean, infinitely large or infinitesimal, such are the

Spider Galaxie.

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