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Category: Festival 03 performazioni, FESTIVALS, SHOWS/PUBLIC EVENTS by • Sep 8th, 2011

Kotomisi – non essential mix Vol 1

kotomisi – non essential mix Vol 1

by Knobotiq with Joana Aderi aka Eiko

Spet. 25 h. 6p.m. – Museo MAGA – Gallarate


This performance is a diagram of performative inventions, audio pieces, radio tracks, vj sets which focus on clothes and foldings, ornament and voice.

kotomisi denotes a traditional piece of clothing of female slaves (before and after liberation) of the former Dutch colony Suriname in the 17th century .

A person wearing a kotomisi transform into an overcoded figuration which is tricky to decode and highly ambivalent. It refers to slavery and discrimination, as well as to self empowerment and emancipation from supression and control.

In its manifoldness kotomisi represents a vis a vis to the figuration of MacGhillie, a figur dressed in a camouflage suit, former developed by knowbotiq.

Both figures, due to their erratic surface and opaque historic and cultural connotation, withdraw in its moment of appearance from decipherment and decoding, elude into the void.

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