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Category: SHOWS/PUBLIC EVENTS by • Apr 21st, 2011



Project by WHY OFF


The bottles are to be played through the hair dryer, whose voltage is regulated by a potentiometer , which beatings with rods of different types on different rhythms.

All sounds are amplified and processed in real time by a digital synthesizer that uses algorithms to not linear functions; and that all layers of development is assigned to a different point of amplification in space.

Landscape Town it’s a materialization of the stage-sound city in building and its perpetual motion.

This evocation it isn’t a easy descriptive or gestual imitation, but it’s realized in the sound field in the poetic breath of air and echoed in the polyrhythm song generated by interaction with the live electronics.

In chaotic polyphony, not precisely linear, and in a proceed to agglomerations sound, live again sound and forms of the model city, that is at the same time welcoming and inhumane…

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